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1.10 Update, Handover of ownership and Future plans!


Hello our dedicated players!

As many of you will know, we have updated to 1.10 and seem to be having no issues. If you notice any problems then please report them in the bugssection of the forum.

As for 1.10 world generation, there are still plenty of ungenerated chunks in our current map so if you go out far enough you should be able to find some. Theres not really any new land anyway and most new blocks are craftable.


Now, some of you may have already noticed a change in ownership. To make it official i am now announcing the handover of ownership from i, cheeseries to Twisdom. The reason for this is that I will have less time as I am starting University (The equivilant of college in america) and will be focusing on that. I am also hopeing that Twis will breathe some new life into the server. I will however be retaining the rank of admin/developer so i can still help out when im around. 

And finally, our future plans:Some of you may have heard rumours of expansion. This is true, we are going to expand the server into a network, combining Bluedoves (Towny) with Twisdoms previous project of a Hardcore server called Xeno. This will have no effect on Bluedoves however. We also plan to add in some custom minigames that will be accessible through a hub.


Thats about it for now, thanks for reading!

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Site Update!

The site has been updated, please make a new account in order to login. If you have lost vote points cause of the resets, please ask me to set it back on the forums.


  • Mobile version
  • 2x faster!
  • Forums have a more clear design
  • New site style
  • Register in-game, no email required anymore

If you have found bugs with the site or spelling mistakes, please report them on the forums


Thank you for your patience!


PS: I'm sorry that the site has been down for so long, the site broke just before the 1.9 update, so I couldn't work on it immidently.

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1.9 Update

Hello all!

As im sure you all noticed, 1.9 has finally rolled around! As are other servers, we are in the process of updating bluedoves to the newest version of minecraft. However, with all these massive changes we have decided to take advantage; As a lot of our dedicated players are aware, we have had many glitches and issue with the server recently. A lot of this is due to file corruption and large messy databases. As such we have decided to reset the server completely. Please keep reading though, as we have a few fun suprises to make up for it! Firstly, we are going to reset the crate rewards in order to fit in with the new minecraft mechanics, expect some cool new gear!

Second, we are reworking the kits to make it more balanced.

And thirdly, we are making a brand new economy system which should be more enjoyable and interactive for everyone to use. We also plan to make new ranks for you to aim for. Please note that anyone who bought keys or ranks will recieve them when they login to the new map. For example, if you bought 20xKeys 8 months ago you will get them again. We will also post the old map for you to download and continue to play with if you want.

We hope to see you all rejoin us for 1.9 :)

- The BlueDoves Team

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